Bhari Taraganam (Tamil)


Bhari Taraganam (Tamil)
 IMDB Rating:

7.4/10 from 1100 votesIMDb




Comedy Drama

 Directed by:

Sekhar Muthyala





 Story Plot: Five girls deal with problems in their lives as daughters, wives, lovers, PAs, and other roles. How did they manage to solve the issue? The idea behind the tale is that if we lend a hand to someone, the end will find its way back to us. Although Vishwanath and Raghu are excellent friends, Sadan, a son of Vishwanath, and Dhanalakshmi, a daughter of Raghu, have been attending the same school since they were little children and have shown a desire to marry each other. Sadan, however, enrols in the B.Tech programme when he travels to Patnam for higher education. When he first encounters Tara, a pioneer in humanitarian work who is enrolled in the same college as him, he immediately falls in love with her.
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